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File information for NDK3.2R2.lha
File size: 7955589 Bytes
File date: 2021-06-04

Native Developer Kit for AmigaOS 3.2 (NDK 3.2 Release 2)

At last, here is the long overdue update to the Native Developer Kit. More than seventeen years after the last AmigaOS 68k NDK, several changes were made to improve the robustness and quality of the new and shiny NDK 3.2.

We would like to first point out that out of necessity the NDK will have to become a work-in-progress. So updates will have to be made as needed and released, because AmigaOS is now a force in motion, not a stationary object anymore.

It is also worth noting that tools, examples, and other components from previous NDKs are not needlessly duplicated here, so it may be a worthwhile endeavor to also seek out on earlier NDKs for complementary material.

For more information, check the file ReadMe-NDK.txt inside the archive.