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Home F.A.Q. AmigaOS 3.1.4 What about all those widely-used system patches, Can I use them?

What about all those widely-used system patches, Can I use them?

AmigaOS 3.1.4 is a bug fix update, which means that we focused on fixing the vast majority of bugs that have been known for decades, and even then, some more which were hiding for many years despite our prying eyes. :-)

So at the time of this writing, we are proud to tell you that they are no longer necessary!

Among these patches are: RamLibFix, PatchRAM, StackAttack, AmberRAM, PrepareEmul, RsrvWarm, MuMove4K, SwazInfo, RomFixes, etc.

Of course, many of these programs also contained hacks to do things the OS was not programmed to do in the first place (Like MCP, SystemPatch, MultiCX, etc.).

We did not implement most of these hacks, because they do not follow proper Amiga coding rules and do their stuff in a "dirty" way causing potential harm to the system. You are welcome to try them, but don’t complain to us if they end up crashing your machine. And also be extremely careful not to activate a patch for a fix, because most patches don't do proper checking and will probably end up putting your system in an unstable condition. Being cautious and conservative is always a wise choice.