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Home F.A.Q. AmigaOS 3.1.4 Which printer drivers do I need, and which driver supports which printer?

Which printer drivers do I need, and which driver supports which printer?

The following printer drivers are part of 3.1.4:

NEC_Pinwriter:        NEC P5,P6,P7,P9 and P2200

EpsonX_Old:           Epson EX,FX,JX,LX,MX and RX

    This driver is deprecated. Try only if the regular driver does not

    work.  Recommended for the old MPS 1230 made by C=.


EpsonX:                Epson EX,FX,JX,LX,MX and RX

    This is the preferred driver. Try the "old" variant only if this

 one does not work.

EpsonQ:                 Epson LQ-800,LQ-850,LQ-1000,LQ-1050,

                       LQ-1500 and LQ-2500

Postscript:             Any postscript printer should work with this.

HP_LaserJet:          HP LaserJet, HP LaserJet+, HP LaserJet II,

                       HP LaserJet 500 and HP LaserJet 2000

                       This printer driver supports resolutions up

                       300x300 dpi, in grey scale only.

HP_LaserJet_III:     HP LaserJet II+ and HP LaserJet III

                       This printer driver also supports resolutions

                       up to 300x300 dpi in grey scale, but enables

                       compression of graphics for faster printing.

HP_LaserJet_4:      HP LaserJet 4, HP LaserJet 5, HP LaserJet 6,

                       HP LaserJet 1100 and HP LaserJet 3100

                       This printer driver supports resolutions up

                       to 600x600 dpi in grey scale with compression



      HP LaserJet 2100, HP LaserJet 4000,

                       HP LaserJet 5000 and HP LaserJet 8000

                       This printer driver supports resolutions up to

                       1200x1200 dpi in grey scale with compression


Newer HP LaserJet printers supporting PCL might work as well.


Available at the time of writing is the HP LaserJet Pro M402 series, which prints fine using the HP_LaserJet driver and probably other driver variants as well. You'll need a USB expansion or a network card plus lpr.device from Aminet to connect to these modern printers. Make sure to redirect parallel.device to either usbparallel.device or lpr.device. While the printer.device supports printing to other devices, our current preferences program does not allow to select another target. The Os 3.9 prefs program does, and the printer.device supports it. Alternatively, use the tool "OpenDevicePatch", see lpr-dev package on Aminet for instructions.




      HP Deskjet, HP Deskjet+, HP DeskJet 310,

                     HP DeskJet 320, HP_DeskJet_500,

                     HP_DeskJet_510, HP_DeskJet_520

                     Resolutions up to 300x300 dpi grey scale

                     with compression.


      HP Deskjet 340/340CM/340CBi, HP_DeskJet_550C,

                     and HP_DeskJet_560C

                     Resolutions up to 300x300 dpi in color or

                     grey-scale with compression. These printers

                     print with four types of inks (CMYK).



HP_DeskJet_200C, HP_DeskJet_400, HP_DeskJet_400L,

                     HP_DeskJet_420C, HP_DeskJet_500C, HP DeskJet 540C,

                     HP_DeskJet_550C, HP_DeskJet_560C, HP_DeskJet_670C,

                     HP DeskJet 672C, HP_DeskJet_1200C

                     Resolutions up to 300x300 dpi in color with

                     compression. These printers print with three

                     types of ink and use color ink to mix up black.



HP Deskjet 600, HP DeskJet 610C/610CL, HP DeskJet 612C,

                     HP_DeskJet_660C, HP DeskJet 680C, HP DeskJet 682C,

                     HP DeskJet 690C, HP DeskJet 692C,HP DeskJet 693C,

                     HP DeskJet 694C, HP_DeskJet_695C, HP DeskJet 697C,

                     HP DeskJet 810C, HP_DeskJet_812C, HP_DeskJet_815C,

                     HP_DeskJet_830C, HP_DeskJet_832C, HP_DeskJet_850C,

                     HP_DeskJet_855C, HP_DeskJet_870C, HP_DeskJet_880C,

                     HP_DeskJet_882C, HP_DeskJet_890C, HP_DeskJet_1600,

                     HP_DeskJet_1600C and HP_DeskJet_1600CM

                     Resolutions up to 600x600 dpi in grey scale and

                     300x300 dpi in color, with compression. These printers

                     use four ink types.



HP_DeskJet_895C,HP_DeskJet_970C,HP_DeskJet_1100C and


                     Resolutions up to 600x600 dpi in color or grey-scale.

                     These printers print with four ink types.

Generic:         An ASCII only, text only printer without graphics

                     support you may try if everything else fails.