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Heretic II

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Heretic II

Here's what some magazines had to say about Heretic II:

Amiga Port

Amiga Flame

"Heretic 2 voted best Amiga game of 2000 by Amiga Flame"


Amiga Active

"Immense. Demanding. Gorgeous. Spellbinding. Buy it."

Amiga Active - Editor's choice award

Amiga Format

"A landmark triumph in Amiga gaming. Looks and sounds incredible."

Score: 95% (AF Gold Medal, Amiga Format 151)

PC Version

Game Post Review

"Combine incredible graphics, great plot, great voice acting (some of the best in the industry), weapon effects to make you go ga-ga-ga at your monitor, and a soundtrack so good I'm playing it in my car recently, and you've got an A+."

"Heretic II is one of the best games of the year."

Score: 97% (Game Post Reviewer's Choice Award)


"Heretic 2 has the character control of Tomb Raider, the gibbing action of Quake, multiple enemy target locations like Chasm, and damageable surfaces like Hexen 2. All of these features together, mixed in with great artwork and sound make Heretic 2 worth your time."

Score: 8.5/10 (www.gamesmania.com/english/reviews/new/heretic2/heretic2.htm)

ZD Net Review

"Heretic II's visuals really stand out
the graphics are slick, the levels complex and foreboding, and the special effects breathtaking."

Score: 5 Stars out of 5 Stars (Editor's Choice Award)