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Updated AmigaOS 4.0 Software Development Kit available

Leuven, Belgium - October 20th, 2004

Hot on the heels of the Pre-Release update, Hyperion Entertainment is proud to announce the availability of the updated Software Development Kit (SDK) for AmigaOS 4.0.

The SDK features include

  • The complete GNU C/C++ compiler toolkit, including the source-level debugger gdb
  • System includes and Autodocs
  • Extensive developer documentation and example source code
  • An extensive set of contributed packages including pre-compiled libraries like libSDL, STLport and other material.

The SDK is available for registered AmigaOS 4.0 customers in our download area. It comes in two flavours - the full SDK is a 63 megabyte download, while the "light" version with 41MB contains all the material from the full SDK but without the contributed packages, significantly reducing download size.

As previously announced, the SDK will also be present on the update CD that can be ordered from Hyperion (details to be announced shortly).

Update: Due to a packaging error, installing the STLPort contrib package will break the functionality. Do not install the STLPort package. An updated package will be made available soon.

Update2: A fix has been uploaded for this problem. The SDK that is now available has been fixed as well. If you download now, you don't need to download the fix